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History of Hungary in a nutshell:

Hungary lies in heart of Europe.
The most Magyar settlers of Hungary arrived in 896 into the Carpathian basin. The foundation of the state was happened by king István (Stephen), then Hungary became one of the strong states of Europe, which was protecting the continent against the Turks until 1526, when defeated in Battle of Mohács. After this the state was fell under Habsburg and Turkish occupation, and only the principality of Transylvania was representing the Hungarian state in 16-17th century.
After hound out of Turks, Hungary became under the rule of Habsburg Empire and following two large wars of independence, founded the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in 1867.
After the First World War, Hungary lost the two-thirds of its territory. Although between 1938-1941 got back 80000 km2, all of this lost again in 1945, and became a Soviet satellite state until 1989.
Today Hungary is a NATO and EU member state.